$1.7M to $8.5M in 4 Years: Brown Boys Roofing Explodes By Creating a Culture Where It’s Okay to Fail Because It Leads to Growth

Will Brown, along with his father Bill and brother Robert, are the Brown boys of Brown Boys Roofing in Bentonville, Arkansas. Over the last four years, the company has experienced some tremendous growth. In fact, it’s gone from $1.7 million to a projected $8.5 million by the end of 2020… and that number would be higher if they could locate the materials to complete the additional jobs. Many things have contributed to this transcendence. Maybe the biggest was when Will, who now owns the business, removed himself from his sales role and transitioned fully into the GM role. With that change, he also altered his mindset. He realized that for the company to grow, he would need to rely on others. And he would make it okay for those leaders in Brown Boys to fail… In addition, as you will hear, Will encourages his team to speak up if they don’t agree with his thoughts or opinions on what needs to happen with the business. As a result, the Brown Boys team has become tighter, more productive, and incredibly excited for what the future holds.

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$1.7M to $8.5M in 4 Years: Brown Boys Roofing Explodes By Creating a Culture Where It’s Okay to Fail Because It Leads to Growth
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