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94% Increase in Sales at 52% Gross Margin: How Al Balonze Broke the Glass Ceiling Hovering Over Efficient Air

Today’s show features Al Balonze of Efficient Air in Riverdale, New Jersey. Efficient Air has had back-to-back record-breaking years, in terms of revenue. As of a month ago, sales were up 94% from the previous year… at a 52% gross margin! That’s fantastic. As you will learn, Al came to SGI looking to break through a glass ceiling hovering over the company. He just couldn’t seem to grow it beyond just shy of $2M. That’s certainly not a struggle any further… But what is so remarkable about Al’s story is this: He joined SGI weeks before COVID hit the US and effectively shut down his business. New Jersey was one of the first epicenters. And no one knew what to do. Thanks to Al’s determination—as well as the determination of his people—they’ve all made critical changes to Efficient Air that are now leading to massive results. They’re truly a remarkable team.

Mike Bachman Plumbing Finds Success by Putting a Premium on Culture; It’s on Target to Double Its Sales in 2021 at a Strong Profit Margin

Today’s show features an interview with Victor Bachman of Mike Bachman Plumbing in Ogden, Utah. Mike Bachman Plumbing is seeing a resurgence! Last year, the company did $1.5M, and currently it’s on pace to hit $3M very profitably. We explored what Vic, and his team, are doing to enjoy such great success. And we dug deep into the operational nuances of his company. We cover a ton of topics, but as you will see, especially at the end of the interview, the revenue and profit numbers aren’t the only things that drive Vic. Vic comes from a family of plumbers; he’s the 5th generation. Mike Bachman Plumbing is a family business. His three boys work with him. His sister owns the business with him. His best friend is also a business partner. And Vic wants his entire company to share in that family feel and share in his vision. He knows when people take ownership in their workplace, not only are they more productive, they’re happier! It’s no surprise so many of Mike Bachman Plumbing’s employees have been with the company 10 and 20 years. Vic is proof that you can a great culture and a successful business.

5 Qualities of Great Leaders – a Panel Discussion with Wendy Ellis of Capital Plumbing & Heating, Joe Zimmerman of Summers & Zims’, and SGI’s Michael Zeller

Today’s show is actually a new program we’re offering at SGI called SGI Monthly Member Panels. These are interactive, LIVE programs where an SGI coach and a host talks to two SGI members to discuss a particular topic. This is our second ever panel! It features SGI Coach Michael Zeller and Host Bob Houchin, along with Wendy Ellis from Capital Plumbing & Heating Edmonton in Edmonton, Alberta, and Joe Zimmerman from Summers & Zims’ in Atglen, Pennsylvania. This was an exceptional conversation—and an insightful one. Wendy and Joe have been highly successful operators for a long time, and it’s due to the fact that their team absolutely loves them. But that love is earned. And you will see how Wendy and Joe earned it. I hope you enjoy this Monthly Member Panel and take away a nugget or two.

Wes Carver Electric in Philadelphia is Running Lean & Mean

This episode features an interview with Wes Carver of Wes Carver Electric in the Philadelphia area. Wes is a great SGI member. He’s been on the SGI Executive Advisory Board, and he’s always willing to help others. In this show, Wes talks about his story and his business. Namely, Wes shares how he did $2M in 2020 and how he’s on target to do $2.8M in 2021 currently, and both years came with great net profit margins! Yes, Wes is running LEAN and MEAN. As you will see, Wes prices himself properly, trains his team to deliver exceptional value, closely monitors his KPIs, and sets goals and motivates his team to hit those goals. Plus, Wes talks about how he keeps himself accountable—that’s through his relationships with other SGI members, and in particular, his Pennsylvania/Maryland Profit Platoon.

Finding Your Inner Lion with Brandon Marshall, Vice President of SGI’s Learning Alliance

Today’s show features a conversation with Brandon Marshall, vice president of Learning Alliance, SGI’s training division, and Host Bob Houchin. At SGI’s last Expo in San Antonio, Brandon delivered an exceptional motivational message about, “Finding Your Inner Lion.” If you’re an SGI member, you can watch that entire presentation on YourSGIHUB website. Brandon and Bob dig deep into that presentation, talking about particular thoughts and insights shared during Brandon’s 60+ minutes on stage. Some of the questions covered: How do leaders become more confident in what we do, especially when making changes in business and life? Why great leaders must lift others, and what that means? Why it’s important to look at each person on your team through a lens of where they will be in 5-10 years? And so much more! Brandon shares some incredible truths about life and business you absolutely must consume! Enjoy!

The Most Common Mistakes on Your P&L & How to Fix it with SGI Accounting Coach Patty Myers!

Today’s show features Patty Myers, accounting coach for Success Group International (SGI). Patty and Host Bob Houchin discuss the most common mistakes she finds in contractors’ profit and loss statements and how to fix it. Throughout the course of this conversation, Patty answers such hard hitting questions, such as: How departmentalization can identify certain divisions in your company are actually losing money, when you think they’re profiting? What sabotages your Gross Margin? How to identify and stop embezzlement? How much owners’ compensation should really be? Should you buy or lease your vehicles—based on the numbers? How much should you allocate for facility expense? How should you properly post depreciation? And should you really trust your bookkeeper? And more!

22% Net Profit! How Kelly Good of Good’s Roofing in Burton, MI, Has a Happier Team, Happier Clients, and Happier Life by Targeting the Right Customers!

Today’s show features Kelly Good of Good’s Roofing in Burton, Michigan. Kelly is a great, hardworking guy, who’s been a great SGI member for many years. He’s also proof that less is more! As you will hear, for a long time, Kelly and his wife Michelle would chase topline revenue dollars. They’d hire more people, sell more jobs, and ultimately, they were generating close to $5 million in revenue a few years ago… But it wasn’t what they wanted out of their business. Fast forward to 2020. Good’s Roofing did $1.8 Million, but it was at 22% net profit! And in 2021, Kelly expects the same net profit once again. Here’s the best part: Kelly said he has more control over his business than ever before. Good’s Roofing is highly selective about the clients they take. That means they have customers who pay their prices and are happy. Their technicians are making great money and have great work/life balance. And Kelly has more free time to work on the business proactively; coach his youngest son; and soon he’ll be working on a cabin on a new piece of land Michelle and he acquired. Kelly and Michelle are a great lesson that you can have a sensational life in the trades, and it doesn’t always mean chasing top-dollar numbers. It’s the bottom ones that matter.

How KPIs Drive Operational Decisions – a Panel Discussion: CJS Heating & Air’s Jim Bodine, WireOne’s Jake Wheeler, & SGI’s Sonya Fryar

Today’s show is actually a new program we’re offering at SGI called SGI Monthly Member Panels. These are interactive, LIVE programs where an SGI coach and a host talks to two SGI members to discuss a particular topic. Our first Monthly Member Panel featured SGI Coach Sonya Fryar and Host Bob Houchin. They were joined by Jim Bodine of CJS Heating & Air and Jake Wheeler of WireOne Electric. The topic? How KPIs (or Key Performance Indicators) Drive Operational Decisions. This was a great discussion, chalk full of insight if you’re looking to maximize your bottom-line profit—because that begins by knowing your numbers every day. Each one of these Member Panels begins with a short coach presentation. In this case, Sonya delivered a great one—now, that’s only available to SGI members because it contained our proprietary SGI KPIs. So, SGI members—if you’re looking for those, hop on the HUB. I hope you enjoy the conversation and take away a nugget or two.

What Future Materials Shortages & Price Increases are Coming? Plus, How Can a VMI Program Increase Profits & Reduce Headaches? With Ryan Fidgeon of Home Depot Pro

Today’s show features Ryan Fidgeon, a National Account Manager, with Home Depot Pro. We don’t have to tell anyone in the contracting industry what a crazy time it is to be buying and managing materials and equipment. That’s why Ryan is on today’s show. He will share with you some insights into what materials may be going up in cost, as well as which ones are becoming harder to find. And Ryan will also share what you can do to plan for those issues. That’s not all we’re going to talk about today—Ryan shares his wealth of insight into VMI programs, or Vendor Management Inventory programs, where the Home Depot Pro takes over your inventory, making your life easier and your business more profitable. If you’re looking to scale significantly, this information is for you!

Almost $1M: How Dusty Hoerler from Craftsman Plumbing made steady changes to close in on $1m in sales this year with a strong profit!

Today’s show features Dusty Hoerler (Hoy-ler) of Craftsman Plumbing in Seattle, Washington. Dusty is a still relatively new SGI member, as he started incorporating SGI principles in late 2018 and definitely well into 2019. Since then, the man has been a machine! He’s looks at implementing change like cutting trees and stacking wood. He chops one tree, stacks the wood, and moves to the next tree. He’s done the same with his business, making one sizeable system or procedural change and then moving to another. It’s been hard work, but Dusty is already seeing tons of change. He began with revenues in the $700,000 range, and he’s pushing to hit $1,000,000 at a stronger profit margin.

$9.5M with Double-Digit Profitability: How Tim Boulden's Attention to His KPIs and Operations Have Boulden Brothers on Target for 2021!

Today’s show features Tim Boulden of Boulden Brothers in Newark, Delaware. As you will hear, Tim has Boulden Brothers on target to hit $9.5M at double-digit profitability in 2021. Tim has been steering Boulden Brothers for more than 20 years, and it’s become a legacy business in their market—and one that is almost always enjoyed growth and strong profitability, so much so that it’s allowed Tim to become an investor/part-owner of SGI. Talk with Tim for any period of time, and you will walk away with a head full of information. Tim knows and loves the contracting business—and he loves helping other members. And in this interview, Tim dropped tons of helpful nuggets, including: his rule on adding children to his business; his insights into what really happens when you add a new trade to an existing service business; the importance of focusing on effectiveness—not efficiency; traits of a great service manager; how VMI (Vendor Managed Inventory) transformed Boulden Brothers; the necessity of a manpower plan when building your annual budget; tips on how to properly track technician performance; insight into how to incentivize your senior management team; and so much more!

$1.57 Million in 1st Year Sales: How Former CCR Jamie Foruria Became a Crown Champion in Her First Year in HVAC Sales

Today’s show features Jamie Foruria, a comfort advisor with Diamond Heating & Cooling in Garden City, Idaho. Jamie has a story fit for the movies. She is a call taker turned HVAC salesperson, and in her very first year selling HVAC equipment, she became a Crown Champion, selling $1.57 million. That’s not even the most impressive part of her personal story. She was born to a family with a history of addiction. She ultimately was raised in the foster system, where she too struggled with addiction that led to prison time. She’s been clean for eight years and now is a great mother to four incredible children. Jamie is enjoying great professional and personal success. You will enjoy her story, as well as take away a nugget or two from her sales process—in particular how her passion for Diamond Heating & Cooling has helped her sell.

$3,000,000+ in Residential HVAC Equipment Sales in 2020: How Mike Pompeo from CM Heating in Seattle Sold Millions Using a Homemade Calendar

Today’s show features Michael Pompeo, a comfort advisor with CM Heating in suburban Seattle, Washington. Michael is a multi-time Crown Champion, and in 2020 alone, he sold over $3 million with a 62% closing percentage. He did this while essentially losing a month to COVID restrictions. Michaels is a true joy. He has incredible passion for what he does and where he works. He unveils the intricacies of his sales process in this over one-hour-long interview. In particular, you will notice how detailed, thoughtful, and well-prepared Michael is. And you’ll see how he is unafraid to bring up objections early in the sales process, so he can eliminate them right away. This is an interview filled with helpful nuggets for anyone in any type of sales role. So, please watch or listen—and enjoy!

How 3X Crown Champion Chris DeShields from Moffett Plumbing in Orange, CA, Sold Nearly $800K in Residential Plumbing Work in 2020

Today’s show features Chris DeShields, a plumber with Moffett Plumbing in Orange, California. Chris is a 3-time Crown Champion, which means he’s sold more than $500K in residential plumbing work in each of the last three years. And 2020 was his best year—Chris nearly sold $800K. In this interview, you’ll learn about Chris, but you’ll also learn how he operates in the home. What’s most impressive about Chris is his calm demeanor, and his incredible ability to communicate and handle virtually every situation. It’s easy to see why customers love him—and he produces results. We hope you enjoy the interview and take away a nugget or two.

How John Senn, an Electrician from WireOne Electric in DesMoines, IA, Sold & Installed $1.26 Million in Residential Electrical Work in 2020

Today’s show features John Senn, an electrician from WireOne Electric in DesMoinse, Iowa. John sold and installed an eye-opening $1.26 million worth of residential service work in 2020. In doing so, it made him a Success Group International Crown Champion! In this interview, John will detail his background and how he connected with WireOne. John will also share how he builds value, earns trust, educates customers, and has become so highly successful at generating revenue while leaving people ecstatic about the work done in their homes. We hope you enjoy the interview and take away a nugget or two.

How IOS14 Updates Affect Home Services & Much More with Online Marketing Expert John King of Redesign.co

Today’s podcast features John King, owner and founder of Redesign.co, a full-service digital marketing agency that works with many of our Success Group International contracting clients. John is always on the forefront of the latest trends and advancements happening with online marketing. Today, we’re going to talk to John about some of the recent changes Apple has made with their iOS 14 updates. In addition, we’ll talk to John about his background in online marketing; John will share the most common problems contractors make with their online marketing; also, he’ll explain his 3 keys to really good PPC campaigns; and so much more.

11% to 24% Net Profit in One Year - Greg Sheck of G&C Plumbing in Bellingham, Massachusetts

Hey there, podcast listeners! Today’s podcast features Greg Sheck of G&C Pluming in suburban Boston. In 2020, G&C Plumbing’s revenue jumped from $1.6 million to $1.85 million. But here’s the staggering statistic: the company also increased its NET PROFIT from 11 percent to 24 percent. That’s a ton of money to hit a business’ bottom line, and it’s even more impressive when you consider G&C Plumbing runs only 4 trucks. Greg and G&C Plumbing are a massive success story. (And they have their eyes set on growing to 10 trucks sooner than later.) This interview is a must-listen if you’re searching to bolster your company’s bottom line. In the second half of this conversation, Greg digs deep into just how he grew G&C Plumbing’s net profit by an additional 13 percent in only one year! Any contractor can follow his footstep—with some hard work. Give it a listen and enjoy!

Growing a Highly Profitable $13M Service Business in 10 Years with SGI’s Miki Stone

Today’s podcast feature’s SGI Success Coach Miki Stone. In Miki’s prior life, she worked for two residential service companies. And it’s her journey with her last company that we truly dig into. When Miki joined her last service company, it was just the electrician/owner and her. The business did very little residential service. Over the next 10 years, the owner and Miki would grow that business to $13 million in sales at an incredibly strong profit margin. Along the way, they acquired a large HVAC company and a smaller, but successful, plumbing company. Not long after, Miki supervised a complete rebranding of that large business. I’m not sure there’s anything in the contracting industry Miki Stone hasn’t seen. In this interview, Miki will talk about those acquisitions and that rebranding effort, but she’ll reveal the insights she learned from growing and operating this highly successful business. This is an hour’s worth of insightful content you want to listen to!

The 3 Core Elements of Every Successful Business by SGI’s Chris Nelson

To have a successful business, there many different elements that must exist within it. Three of the most important are: knowing your numbers, building a strong culture, and exceptional leadership. And those three core elements of every successful business are what SGI Coach Chris Nelson and I will talk about today. As you will learn, Chris has retail operations, management, and leadership engrained in his business background. He brings all that’s he’s learned over the last 17 years to help SGI members today. So, please, enjoy!

Family First - Streb Electric is Targeting $1.2M while Allowing Bill Streb the Time to Spend with the People He Loves Most

Today’s show features Bill Streb of Streb Electric in suburban Cleveland, Ohio. Bill has been in his business for a long time—and has been an SGI member for a long time—and now, Streb Electric is hitting its stride and having its very best years. Last year, Streb Electric did over $900K in sales at a solid profit margin, and 2021 looks to be the year the company surpasses the million-dollar-mark, as Bill believes they can hit $1.2 million, at a double-digit profit margin. Here’s what’s great about Bill’s story: He’s a great guy. You won’t meet a nicer person in the industry than Bill Streb. He always has a smile on his face; he’s always positive, and he’s always a joy to talk to. More than that, Bill has always known what he’s wanted out of Streb Electric. He’s wanted it to provide him with a good living that—most importantly—allowed him to spend time with his wife, Ro, his two cherished children, and his soon-to-be first grandbaby. And that’s the type of life he’s been fortunate to live thanks to Streb Electric’s success. Bill’s story is not one without struggle—including when two of his four techs left him days before knee replacement surgery. But he—and Bill will credit his team—has bounced back, made incredible changes and additions, and is enjoying its very best years. So, please, enjoy!

Million-Dollar-Mark Achieved (at 18.5% Profitability!): Kurt & Brenda Krauss of Amps & Volts Electric in Valparaiso, IN, Share How They Hit This Milestone Goal

Today’s show features Kurt and Brenda Krause of Amps & Volts Electric, in Valparaiso, Indiana. Kurt and Brenda have tremendous story. I’m talking to them today because they finally hit a milestone—their 2.5 truck company surpassed the $1 million mark in revenue, and they did it with a hugely impressive 18.5% net profit! Way to go, Kurt, Brenda, and team! Kurt and Brenda have been a part of the SGI family for a very long time—since we started Electricians’ Success International in 2004. Their journey to reaching this summit has not always been easy. There have been bumps and bruises along the way. But they kept working, implementing, and changing—both the business and themselves. And today, Amps & Volts is in a tremendous spot to truly grow, if Kurt and Brenda want to push it. These two are the picture of resiliency.

3X Crown Champion ($2.3M in His Best Year) Codey Bodine Share His HVAC Sales Process

Today’s show features Codey Bodine, a coach for SGI. Before coming to SGI, Codey worked for one of our member companies, CJS Heating & Air, which has four locations across Ohio and into Indiana. In fact, as you will learn, his father Jim owns that company. So, Codey has truly grown up in the industry—and he’s held just about every position imaginable. In this interview, Codey talks about his last role with CJS, as a salesperson. He was a 3-time (out of 4 years) Crown Champion, which SGI classifies as any salesperson with more than $1.5 million in sales annually. In his best year, Codey killed it at $2.3 million. And Codey did this all while still in his early 20’s. Codey will outline step-by-step his sales process in this interview, offering tons of great insight and nuggets for anyone in the home services industry, not just those in HVAC.

Become a Toolbelt Millionaire: Personal Financial Management for Tradespeople with Mark Patton of Patton Wealth Management

Today’s show is a little bit different than much of the content we deliver on this podcast. We talk with Mark Patton of Patton Wealth Management about how anyone in our industry can become a “Toolbelt Millionaire!” Managing your money has become a concept foreign to most Americans. As the statistics show, most people don’t have enough cash in the bank to pay for an emergency repair bill. If you don’t have enough to handle a repair bill, that means you likely aren’t doing what’s necessary to eventually retire. So, today, with Mark, we’ll talk about how simple it can be to retire—and to retire with real wealth. There are some practical steps you can take right now… no matter how old you are… to get moving towards becoming a millionaire. Even if you a sophisticated contractor listening to this, we urge you to pass this episode along to some of the younger people in your company who might be able to benefit from this practical advice.

Profitable 49% Growth Last Year: Sirius Plumbing & A/C Shift from Warranty to Retail Work with the Help of Great People & New Processes

Brent and Jeni Garrett of Sirius Plumbing & Air Conditioning in Dallas, Texas, are up to some incredible things. Over the last two years, the company has jumped from around $2 million to $4 million, at a great profitability, while also changing its focus from warranty work to retail contracting. Though, it wasn’t an easy process… Brent and Jeni are savvy operators, having owned, managed, and even sold other businesses. Their acumen helped them during this 20-plus-month transition, but they quickly deflected any credit. Brent and Jeni pointed to their people as the biggest reason for this explosive growth. However, Brent and Jeni most definitely deserve some credit. If you’re an owner/manager reading this, I urge you to listen to the emphasis and intentionality Brent and Jeni place on culture, communication, and core values—all leadership pillars that support all strong, growing organizations. Brent and Jeni know who they are and what’s important to them in their family business. It too has been a big reason for their success. This was a fun conversation filled with tons of nuggets. Enjoy!

$1.6M with Stagnant Growth to $2.5M at 14% Net & a Bright Future: Jonathan & Davicia Neves Have Transformed Green Energy Mechanical in Boston by “Being Different”

Jonathan & Davicia Neves of Green Energy Mechanical in suburban Boston had hit a ceiling. Their company couldn’t seem to push much past the $1 million mark. Looking for a way to improve, the Jonathan & Davicia found their way to an SGI Profit Day in May of 2019. In a short time, the two have transformed their business “by being different.” The couple pushed sales from $1.6 Million in 2018 to $2.3 Million in 2019 while operating far more efficiently. Then this past year, even when COVID essentially shut down their business for 3 months, Green Energy Mechanical finished at $2.5 Million at 14% net profit. And Jonathan & Davicia believes passionately that they can hit $5 Million this year, 2021. Hear how this bright, hard-working couple have changed their business in such a short period of time!

Customer Service Affects All Areas of Your Business – Revenue, Gross Margin, Net Profit, Employee Retention & More, with SGI Coach Michael Zeller

When talking to contractors who are new to SGI, often we will ask them this straightforward question: What kind of business are you in? The responses are typical: I’m in plumbing, HVAC, electrical, or roofing. But that’s not the right answer—not if you’re going to have a successful residential service operation. If you’re a retail contractor, you are in the customer service business. It just so happens you use your trade to service customers. In today’s episode, SGI Coach and Learning Alliance Trainer Michael Zeller shares his extensive insights into a critical concept: “Customer Service Affects All Areas of Your Business.” It really does—from your bottom line to your employee retention. Michael Zeller explains how you can build a stronger organization simply by putting the emphasis on customer service at all levels.

Operational Excellence for $20M+ Businesses: SGI President Rebecca Cassel Answers Large Contractors Questions on How to Refine Their Operations

At SGI’s last Expo in Orlando, Florida, a few months ago, SGI President Rebecca Cassel and Jimmie Dale, President of Baker Brothers in DFW, presented THREE HOURS of information and insight on how to run an operationally excellent LARGE residential service company; that means roughly $20M or more, depending upon the trade. The session was a hit. During that presentation, SGI members who owned these large companies had a chance to ask an array of questions. Many were answered that day, but we ran out of time for some of the others. Podcast Host Bob Houchin decided to interview Rebecca and ask her some of these questions that were exceptional, so she could address them—and you the listener could benefit. A small percentage of contractors achieve that $20M mark, but even if you’re listening, and you’re not there yet, Rebecca offered a host of great information in this interview on how to manage your managers, refine your operations, improve your call center, and lead your team into the future. You most definitely will benefit from this content! Give it a listen!

Improve Your Tech Sales Today: Sales Champ & Trainer Estee Jaacovi on the Successful Steps to a Service Call

Estee Jaacovi was a three-time, AirTime Crown Champion, which means she sold over $1.5 million as an HVAC salesperson. In her best year, she sold $2.5 million… and that was over 10 years ago. The woman knows how to communicate, help, and earn the trust of homeowners. Today, she is a sales and communication trainer for Learning Alliance, SGI’s training division. And today, she talks about the “Successful Steps to a Service Call.” Whether you’ve been to SGI’s Service Essentials training course or not, you will pick up helpful nuggets in listening to Estee. Estee explains how a call center can set up a tech for success; how techs can earn or lose a homeowner’s trust with in the first few minutes of a call; how to curtail your communication style to match the customers; how to built open-ended questions; the type of training it takes to become successful in this industry; how to build and communicate value to homeowners; why callbacks are truly killers; and so much more! This is a power-packed 45 minutes you and your techs should listen to!

Small but Mighty: Laura Engstrom & Alternate Design Plumbing Maintain 17% Growth Year after Year at a Strong Profit Margin with 3 Trucks

Laura Engstrom is the owner and general manager of Alternate Design Plumbing, in Orange City, Florida. Laura has been a longtime member of SGI, and if you’ve ever been to an Expo, and especially if you’re a plumbing contractor, my guess is you’ve met Laura. Her energy and attitude are truly infectious. And she’s always eager to help a fellow contractor. Today, you will listen to Laura’s unexpected journey into the trades. Initially in the hospitality and home cleaning businesses, personal relationships pulled her into plumbing. She started on the phones and over many years came to run and buy Alternate Design Plumbing. Laura explains how the company survived the 2008 recession and a collapsing new construction market. Today, they’re exclusively residential service, and business has been very good. Laura said Alternate Design Plumbing has grown 17% year after year—and at a healthy profit. And 2020 was their best year in a very long time. She’s managed this growth, profit, and success with only three trucks. Laura and her team are proof that trucks don’t matter; what matters is the sales and profit those trucks generate.

Invest in Your Team: Nick Martin of Steve Huff Plumbing Explains How His Approach with His People Has Helped the Company Grow to $4 Million in Sales at a Great Margin

If you’re a regular listener of this podcast, Steve Huff Plumbing, in Kingsport, TN, may sound familiar to you—and for good reason. In episode number 17, I interviewed the founder of Steve Huff Plumbing, Steve Huff. He shared his insights from over 40 years in the contracting industry, as well as talked about how he and his wife Donna sold the business to Nick Martin, whom they hired as a fresh-faced 18-year-old right out of high school and helped groom him into a successful technician, general manager, and eventual NEW owner of Steve Huff Plumbing. In this episode, we talk with Nick to get his perspective on his journey in contracting—and I think you are in store for quite a treat. Nick Martin is only 33 years old, but he has wisdom well beyond his years. Steve Huff Plumbing surpassed $4 million in sales with 12 trucks in the road at incredibly strong margins. Nick and host Bob Houchin dig deep into many features and facets of Steve Huff Plumbing’s operation that have helped the company enjoy such success. But what you may find most compelling is how in-tune Nick is with his team. He truly understands how to keep a pulse on the company, how to coach people up who need a hand, and how to bring everyone together with fun… and by showing just how much he cares.

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