40% Annual Growth at 20% Net Profit: Joe Voci & JDV Electric Succeed by Delivering Exceptional Service & Managing by the Numbers

Joe Voci owns and operates JDV Electric in Lansdown, Pennsylvania, which is right outside of Philadelphia. Joe is a reminder of what real success in business is. JDV is a small company—just three trucks, one of which Joes runs. But JDV Electric has managed to grow 40 percent each year, while maintaining a 20-percent net profit or better. Joe has done it by doing two things exceptionally well: One, he and his team invest the time and energy needed to run service calls the right way; they capitalize on opportunities, while turning customers into fans. Two, Joe fiercely manages his business by the numbers. And he makes changes if and when they’re needed. What Joe is doing, and how he’s doing it, is what business owners should really aspire to do. Don’t focus on top line and truck—focus on that bottom line, which is what will sustain a busines for decades.

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40% Annual Growth at 20% Net Profit: Joe Voci & JDV Electric Succeed by Delivering Exceptional Service & Managing by the Numbers
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