$5.9M in 2019 to a projected $8-9M in 2020; Andrew Dobbins of Intelligent Design is Profitably Growing Thanks to a Strong Culture & a Remarkable Sales Process

Andrew Dobbins of Intelligent Design in Tucson, Arizona, and his team are absolutely killing it. After finishing 2019 at $5.9 million in sales, they’re on pace to fall somewhere between $8 and $9 million at very strong double-digit profitability. Andrew has a great story, and as you will hear, he’s overcome a pile of adversity over the years. But he is focused and intense. In fact, Andrew is a hard-charging salesperson by trade. He just so happened to end up in the HVAC industry. But he would have succeeded in anything he chose. Over these next 50 minutes, Andrew will share his highly successful sales process that helped him sell, personally, over $2M in four months this year. Andrew also shares his operational hurdles and changes he’s made to enhance his success. And Andrew shares how his intentionality on growing culture has been at the root of the company’s success.

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